B.Tech(Bachelor Of Technology) / B.E(Bachelor Of Engineering)

We embark on a transformative journey in technology education. Our Bachelor of Technology / B.E program is meticulously designed to cultivate a new generation of tech professionals who not only excel in theoretical knowledge but also carry the ethos of innovative problem-solving

Why Choose Pristine for B.Tech / B.E?

We redefine technology education by seamlessly integrating theoretical concepts with hands-on experience. Our B.Tech / B.E program provides a comprehensive curriculum taught by seasoned professionals in cutting-edge facilities. By choosing Pristine, you opt for excellence in technology education.

Program Highlights:

  • Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Our program integrates the latest advancements in technology, ensuring our graduates are well-equipped for the dynamic field.
  • Practical Exposure: Practical training is at the core of our program. Students engage in real-world scenarios, honing their skills under the guidance of experienced faculty.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Pristine boasts modern labs and facilities, fostering an environment where innovation and learning go hand in hand.



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B.Tech / B.E is your step towards a fulfilling career in technology. Our admissions process is designed to welcome passionate individuals into a supportive and stimulating learning environment. Connect with our admissions team for personalized guidance and a seamless application process.

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Tuition & Fees

This new plan is designed to reduce the average cost of a Make School Education while preserving the core protections of ISAs – if you don’t have a job after Make School, you should not have to pay until you are employed.

Tuition Costs,


$ 75,000


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